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R&D Consultant & Project Manager

"Monte Carlo Risk Analysis and Due Diligence of New Business Ventures"
is an important new book by Dr. Wright. It was published on October 15, 2002,
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Dr. Wright is a Chemical Consultant with extensive experience in Project Management Consulting. His unique Quick Question? Quick Answer! program has the ability to provide you with the just the answers you need to make knowledgeable and timely techno-business decisions! During his career of nearly 30 years as a Chemist and Chemical Consultant he has acquired Expertise in the following five general areas of Science and Business.
  1. Technical Evaluations and Technical Due Diligence of Concepts, Facilities & Products. Monte Carlo Risk Analysis of the Commercialization of Technologies.
  2. Process & Plant Research, Development & Design.
  3. Computational Modeling, Monte Carlo & other Simulation Techniques. Thermodynamics of Processes. Modeling of Mechanical Systems. Quantum Chemistry.
  4. Environmental Chemistry, Permitting & Response.
  5. Nuclear Chemistry, Radiochemistry & Nuclear Spectroscopy.
These five general areas of expertise are further introduced by following the links shown above. The following business arrangements also aid him in serving his Clients:
  • He accepts all major Credit Cards to facilitate his starting projects for new Clients.
  • He has contractual access to the sophisticated instrumentation (UV/Vis, NIR, FTIR, NMR, GC, MS/GC, LC, AA, etc.) that may be required for your research and development project.
  • His location is geographically appropriate for situations where project confidentiality is required.
More detailed information regarding Dr. Wright's consulting career as a Chemical Project Manager Consultant can be found by navigating, or searching, this Web Site.

Some of his Professional Experiences that have made him effective as a Chemical Project Manager are briefly summarized below:
  • Presently reviews R&D Proposals submitted for funding to the Science Center programs of the U.S. Department of State. These proposals are written by nuclear weapon scientists of the FSU (Former Soviet Union) to perform non-weapon R&D projects.
  • He has designed, evaluated, managed and performed complex R&D projects of all sizes. These projects include both computational and experimental chemistry.
  • He has taken product concepts and performed the requisite computational and experimental R&D to bring them to commercial production.
  • He has modeled physical and chemical systems using quantum mechanical, statistical, empirical, or thermodynamic calculations and then used these models to shorten the developmental time of commercial projects.
  • He has served as a Project Manager and worked on Teams that evaluated technical and economic feasibility of Chemical Process Plants, Petroleum Refineries, Manufacturing Facilities, Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities, and Oil and Gas Field Development Projects in the US, Mexico, Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.
  • He served as a Project Manager & Chair of a team of 60 prominent Scientists in the technical evaluation (Systems Analysis) of the National Star Wars Technology for the United States Secretary of Defense in 1979.
  • He has obtained environmental permits and evaluated the risk of petroleum production operations in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • He has served as an expert witness before Regulators and the Courts concerning environmental rules and safety procedures that are needed in commercial chemical operations.
  • He has extensive experience in nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry and nuclear spectroscopy.

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